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Hair Regrowth

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Rice Water Protein Pack

This pack includes 8oz. Rice Water Shampoo, 8oz. Rice Water Conditioner, 6oz. Rice Water Rinse, and 2oz. Our Re-Growth Serum. 

Juanita Arline Curl Pudding

If you're looking for something that will help tame that natural hair and make it easier to work with, then you've found the right product.  

This jar of awesome is used as a detangler, moisturizer, hair softener, curl definer, conditioner, and frizz controller.  

Great for all hair types. 

Slicker Than Slick Firm Hold Edge Tamer

Our Slicker than Slick edge control can be used on any look.  Can be used to apply to edges, baby hair, fly-a-ways, braids, pony tails, and locs. 

As a little girl growing up, Nanny (Juanita) and Mama (Arline) always made home remedies. 

It's always been in my DNA to continue the Tradition!

Real Customers, Real Reviews!!

I went from damaged natural hair that I couldn't even put in a ponytail to a nice full healthy fro.  I love the products. 


The curl pudding is the best.  I love the way it defines my curls and leaves my hair soft and moisturized. 


The product is really dope though seriously.  It's my favorite hair pudding.  It leaves my hair smelling nice and soft and it doesn't turn white when it dry's.  It's really good stuff. I love it!


Looove this edge tamer.  Doens't cake up or anything.  Nice smell, feels good, and works.  


Hi Quan, hope all is well. I wanted to give an update on what I think about the growth serum. I personally think it's amazing. As you stated, a little goes along way. I apply my serum and use my scalp massager to allow the serum to penetrate the scalp. No oily hands. Then I wrap my hair for the night. My silk press still looks the same the next morning.


My daughter does not like getting her hair done. Her hair easily tangles and it's a hassle to brush and comb through it. Since I've been using the curl pudding, there has been no hassle and she actually sits for me to do her hair. No crying, no fussing. This curl pudding is the bomb.


I washed my hair with the Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner. There was a noticeable difference right away. My hair felt very soft and smelled really good. I have naturally straight hair. I was a little skeptical at first but I'm happy I tried these products. They definitely cater to all hair types. I will definitely use the products again.


Good morning. Just a quick note to let you know that I've done the rice water shampoo and conditioner and witch hazel regimen you suggested for two months. My hair usually starts flaking within a week of getting it done. I got it done last Wednesday, and no flakes yet. Hopefully, it's starting to work. Thanks.


I have been using you rpodcuts consistently since April 2021. May, I got braids. My hair is longer, softer, and thicker after using the oil when my hair was braided. Thank you but your products are the truth.


Real customers, Real Reviews..!

I have been absolutely amazed at the results of my own hair. I wanna try a bit of everything. I actaully spray a mist of rice water on my face's good for so many things.


I wore my wigs for years. I had one I called "My Girl!" I started experiencing hair loss because the wigs and my medication. I started using your products. The shampoo and conditioner and the growth oil on my scalp. My bald spots are no longer there and I'm feeling confident to be seen without my wigs anymore. I love your products.

Aunt Mary Jane

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name

The Juanita in "Juanita Arline!"

Real People, Real Results

Mom said trust the Process!

Info Spot

Protein treatments are commonly used to restore strength to hair. It's rich in vitamins. (ie, B, C, Potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, and different fibers.) Note: Overuse of protein treatments can dry your hair out. Please do your research on how often you should use these treatments and what regimen is ideal for your hair type.

Protein Treatments

Stinging Nettles has been around and used for centuries to treat hair loss. It's been know to be rich in vitamins and minerals. that help strengthen hair and speed up hair growth.

Stinging Nettles

Onions are rich in sulfur. Sulfur aids in the development of keratin. Keratin is the building block of hair. Sulfur is known to help in the regeneration and repair of hair follicles which help stimulate growth.

Onion Seed Oil

Our curl pudding is used as a detangler, moisturizer, softener, curl definer, conditioner, and frizz controller. One of its main ingredients is “Silk Amino Acids!” Silk amino acids are extracted from liquid silk. It’s a non animal protein, which makes the ingredient vegan. It’s goal is to penetrate the hair shaft to help strengthen, rebuild & nourish hair. Especially chemically damaged hair. It does this without weighing the hair down or causing buildup. These amino acids absorb deep down inside of the damaged hair cuticles and follicles to help encourage repair and protection.

Silk Amino Acids

Black tea has a high caffiene content. Caffiene is thought to aide in reducing hair shedding and increase keratin production. It is also is said to hydrate hair, and stimulate scalpand healthy hair growth. Although, further studies to find what else black tea and it's caffiene content can do to help aid in healthier hair and healthier scalp, this is the information we have found so far.

Black Tea